Vinyl Pressing

At Lunel Media We Press Vinyl 

We Press  7″ 10″ & 12″ and provide all the Print & Packaging

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Vinyl Record Pressing

We Press Vinyl  – with runs from as little as 100 units upwards for 7″ 10″ and 12″ vinyl sizes. We are very quality focused and will ensure that you Vinyl Project is manufactured to highest Industry standards.

We can Press Standard, Colour and also Heavyweight Vinyl in all sizes. We can also provide all the printing and packaging for your records and offer standard print & packaging along with bespoke options.

We Press Standard, Colour and also Heavyweight Vinyl in all sizes. 


Audio Files

Please supply your tracks as CD audio, AIFF or WAV files or if you prefer you can supply a finished Laquer.

Please Compress (ZIP) any files before sending. We will also require a full track listing with the name and length of each song, this must be sent with each master please.


Artwork & Graphics

Artwork Templates are available for all Vinyl sizes and print options please email

The Artwork files that we accept are PDF, JPG, PSD, TIF, PNG, GIF along with the original software files. Please also supply any artwork files as CMYK and with all the images and fonts embedded, please include a minimum of 5mm bleed around the outside edge of all print parts and with a minimum file resolution of 300 DPI.


Recommended Running Time’s for 7” 10” & 12” Vinyl Records

Times below are a guide only and are maximum playing times for each size.

⇒ 12″ – At 33rpm – 19 minutes 20 seconds

⇒ 12″ – At 45rpm – 14 minutes 20 seconds

⇒ 10″ – At 33rpm – 13 minutes 37 seconds

⇒ 10″ – At 45rpm – 10 minutes 05 seconds

⇒ 7″ – At 33rpm – 6 minutes 50 seconds

⇒ 7″ – At 45rpm – 5 minutes 00 seconds

Colour Vinyl

Black is the standard and most popular colour but we can match nearly any colour that you require.

Using a Pantone Colour reference Chart and or the link below we can match nearly any colour that you require but there may be variations and matching exactly can be very difficult.

Please refer to your Pantone Colour Chart or the link below and choose the colour and the relevant Pantone number that you would like us to use, we will then order the colour vinyl from our supplier using that reference colour.

Payment For My Order


Payment is Required in full when each order is placed please.

We accept Bank transfers, Cheque, Credit Card or PayPal payments.

Delivery Times From Final Audio & Artwork Sign Off

Lead-times Only Start Once the Audio & Artwork files have Been Approved & Signed off by you

⇒ Test Pressings – Approx 2 weeks from receiving the audio tracks in the correct format

⇒ Vinyl with labels and unprinted sleeves – Approx 4 weeks after test pressing approval

⇒ Vinyl with labels and standard printed sleeves – approx 4/5 weeks after test pressing approval

⇒ Vinyl with labels and non standard printed sleeves – approx 4/5 weeks after test pressing approval

The above lead times are approx only and can change during busy times throughout the year, we will always advise on the best lead-times available before you place your order.

We will always try to meet the lead-time that you require but sometimes this may not be the case.


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