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Vinyl is back and at Lunel Media we press vinyl in Ireland not oversea’s get in contact for a competitive quote.

Read about our platform for content owners, resellers, publishers and individual content owners who want to sell their DVD’s – eBooks – Audio Books and any interactive content via their own website from their own web shop.

Visit to see the exciting digital platform for Irish only content. Contact us if you would like your ebook, film hosted on the platform which can reach 1,000’s of new customers globally at no cost to you.

Mobile App Development & Implementation updates and news along with CD/DVD manufacturing and packaging solutions. DVD & USB Content Protection Solutions, Digital Distribution Codes.

  • 21st
Vinyl Record Pressing in Ireland by Lunel Media

Vinyl is back!! and at Lunel Media we now press vinyl in Ireland, yes that’s right in Ireland which is great news for all of you who in Ireland who are looking for vinyl record pressing, it also means that you don’t have to go overseas to get your record pressed.  Email for a […]

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  • 21st
eBook & Audio Book Distribution Made Easy By Lunel Media

Meet Brian. Brian has a problem!! Brian is a Publisher and independent bookseller and he wants to break into the eBook market but he isn’t sure how to do it. He wants a website and integrated web store that reflects his company’s brand and values. That isn’t what’s giving him a headache. Brian has been […]

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  • 4th
Digital Distribution of Content from Lunel Media

What if –  Your customers were able to access your products 24/7? Your customers could buy your products anywhere in the world? Your production & distribution costs were significantly reduced? What if you could offer Digital Distribution of Content from your own secure and branded web store? At Lunel Media we are proud of the […]

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