eBook & Audio Book Distribution Made Easy By Lunel Media

By David Watson on January 21, 2014

Meet Brian.

Brian has a problem!!

Brian is a Publisher and independent bookseller and he wants to break into the eBook market but he isn’t sure how to do it.

He wants a website and integrated web store that reflects his company’s brand and values.

That isn’t what’s giving him a headache.

Brian has been trying to get his head around eBook & Audio Book distribution and all the different eBook readers available. Ideally he’d like to offer his catalogue to his customers in a way that does not require them to buy any specific reader to enjoy them.

He’s done a bit of research. It didn’t help his headache.

He knows eBooks as PDFs can be read by many freely available apps and programs for almost all devices. He knows that the iPhone, the iPod Touch, the iPad, Sony Readers and Kobo Readers can read eBooks in Epub format but Amazon’s Kindle can’t.  He knows the Kindle uses a form of Mobi for its file format.

He finds all of these compatibility issues bewildering. Add to that he isn’t sure what format he or other publishers will provide.

  • How can he guarantee a good service to his customers?
  • How can he possibly know what devices his customers already have?
  • How can he pick the best solution that covers all file formats?

Put simply, Brian wants his customers to be able to buy the books they want to read; he doesn’t want them to have to worry about devices or file formats.

Brian, as an independent publisher & bookseller, values and respects his customers and wants to reflect this in the solution he chooses.

After reading an article in the Irish Times entitled Kobo to partner with Easons  and then reading Making Frenemies: Kobo, Easons & Ebooks In Ireland by Eoin Purcell, editorial director at New Island Books, Brian realised that although Kindle is currently dominant in the market, it would be a mistake to ignore other devices. In fact Brian has realised that formats and devices available today could easily become obsolete within a relatively short period of time. An example of this is Microsoft’s LIT format. In The 6 Most Popular eBook Formats To Know About by Trixie Clark on Edudemic she says “…content in LIT format was discontinued starting November 2011, while downloading of the Microsoft Reader software was stopped by the end of August 2012. Users may still use the Microsoft Reader on their devices but cannot add new content anymore.”

Although the future of eBooks & Audio Books is hard to predict Brian was convinced that

  • eBooks & Audio Books are a growing market he can’t ignore any longer
  • he ideally wants a device independent solution
  • if possible he  wants to have complete solution that includes stable technology and reflects his company’s image

Brian contacted Lunel Media.

Brian found that Lunel Media provides a framework that achieves exactly what he needs, a platform that ensures there is no requirement for Brian’s customers to buy a new expensive eBook reader –  they can use their existing PC, Mac, Tablet, Smartphone, Kindle, Kobo or any existing dedicated reader that has an internet connection.

Lunel Media can take files in any electronic format, whatever way they come from Brian’s & other publishers. They can easily allow Brian to offer them for sale on his own branded web store and provide a freely downloadable app that allows Brian’s customers to read their eBooks on whatever device they choose.

With Lunel Media as his solution provider, Brian feels he can concentrate on what he does best, selecting great books for his customers.

His customers are happy because with Lunel Media’s support Brian can provide a service all day, every day to any location.

Brian is happy because he has achieved everything he wants without having to give up his independence and lock into a particular file format or device.

Oh, and his headache is gone!

If you’re interested in learning more about how Lunel Media can support your digital business contact us now at sales@lunelmedia.com  and or Telephone: +353 1 825 4157