Digital Download Solutions

Lunel Media has a platform that allows you to sell & rent your DVDs, films, music albums, audiobooks, eBooks, Software & any interactive content digitally & directly from your own branded Web Store.
Join the 4,000+ content owners using our platform to power their web stores with digital distribution

Digital Download Solutions

Why only offer your products phyisically? why not digitally also & directley from your own website. You can with Lunel Media’s Digital Download platform which allows you to sell your product digitally from your own branded web store directly to your customers globally.


Lunel Media builts white labelled digital web shops for all content owners & resellers. Using our platform we upload & DRM protect your content for sale/rental. You can use your existing web shop & integrate one of our standard templates which will give you the option to provide digital & physical sales/rentals directly from your own website & from your own digital web shop

Your content is viewed through our freely downloadable player App & is compatible on all OS platforms including Windows PC , Mac OSX & mobile devices & tablets running iOS & Android, it is even viewable on Kindle Fire Players & we can also build you a Facebook shop to compliment your web shop. Your content only needs to be downloaded once to the player app & then your customers can view & listen on whatever device they choose whenever they want & from wherever they want to.

Our platform handles all the technical details including single encode for all regions & platforms, content upload, DRM Protection and content delivery network management. We also offer multiple payment & language options, payment gateway integration along with customer support.With over 4,000 content owners using our platform to power their web shops with digital distribution & with our customers ranging from individual filmmakers, music artists & writers to music & book publishing companies to educational & training organisations to Hollywood studios our solutions & systems have been developed to offer a robust & tested digital distribution platform.

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Your Content

DVD, Video, Audio, eBook, Other Content, Software

Lunel Media’s customised software supports virtually every form of content. HD Videos, DVDs with full menus, interactivity, SD Videos and Clips, Audio Books and Music, eBooks (ePub, PDF), other content (HTML, Flash, PDF, Video, Images, etc.) and even Software (Windows, MacOSX).

Multi-Platform (Windows, MacOSX, iOS, Android, Facebook, SmartTV)

Lunel Media’s software supports Windows (XP and newer), MacOSX (10.5 and newer), iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Android, Facebook and SmartTVs. DVDs can even be burned to DVD-R.

Streaming, Download and even Physical Options

Content can be accessed directly without having to wait for it to download. However, in case of slow or unreliable connection the content can also be downloaded and consumed locally. What exactly is allowed depends on the license defined by you, the content owner. It is even possible to combine physical delivery options with on-line accessible items through the web store.

Optional DRM Protection

All content can optionally be protected by a strong multi-platform DRM system. Legal customer can access the content on virtually all platforms while illegal content access and sharing is blocked.

Your Web Shop

Customisable Shop Designs

Our standard shop designs/templates are extremely flexible and can be adapted to match virtually every existing site design. You can select from our pre-defined themes or we can design your own web store based on simple HTML/CSS templates. Desktop and Mobile versions may be different to allow the best possible experience across all platforms.

Custom Licenses

Licenses define which actions are allowed or forbidden for the related content. We can offer our pre-defined licenses or you can define your own licenses to account even for the most flexible business models.


Lunel Media’s software is designed from the ground up to handle multiple languages in a single store. All product descriptions, pictures and customer communications are automatically treated in the auto-detected language of the you the customer.

Multiple Themes

Themes are a way to operate multiple parallel target stores with different design and content. For example you could have an entertainment and an educational store. The complete design and customer communication such as purchase confirmation email, etc. can be customised per theme.

Multiple Categories

Every shop (or theme) can handle multiple content categories which you can define, so users better find their way in your store. Each title may be part of multiple categories.

Trailers, Preview Pictures

Each title can be associated with a trailer, preview pictures, bibliographic information, covers, description and more.

Customisable Player

The content is typically consumed in our Flux Player App software. Content owners can request their own branded version of the Flux Player but there is an extra cost associated with this branding.

Set your own Pricing

The pricing for your titles is set by you and we can edit this at any time. If you have multiple titles, we can edit pricing in batches.

Regional and Feature based Restrictions

You can select to make your content available only in certain regions or countries or base on other criteria such as DVD region or video norm.

Bundle Products

You can arrange multiple titles in a bundle to sell them as one item.

Your Sales

Many Payment Systems

Lunel Media’s software supports most major payment systems and can easily be extended to integrate additional payment providers. (We have a VISA/Debit Card solution already in place and our terms include a 4.5% fee with payments made to you electronically 45 days end of month )

Direct Payments

You can of course use your own payment accounts and for this we recommend payment options such as PayPal, SagePay and some others. For us to set up your Merchant Account on our system will evolve extra costs

Pay-per-view, Download-To-Own, Subscription

You can sell your titles via Pay-per-View, VOD (Video-on-demand), Download-to-own, rental, subscription or we can deliver a physical product to your customer.

Multi-currency, Country based pricing

Lunel Media’s software supports more than 37 different currencies and you can define different pricing per country.

Native currencies / Daily exchange rate

If no country price is defined, Lunel Media automatically calculates and displays the current native price based on the daily exchange rate.

B2B Option

Lunel Media’s software includes a special B2B mode with special requirements and tax treatment for business customers.

Discount Codes

You can generate and distribute discount codes for promotion of individual titles or the complete shop.

Discount Models

You can define discount models which are automatically triggered under the given rules, for example you can give a discount if a certain quantity is ordered or value reached.

Your Marketing

Featured Titles

You can define featured titles for each store, which are displayed on top of the other products to attract special interest.

Cover Flow

Cover Flow is a an attractive and intuitive design element to present many item in a relatively small area which allows the customer to access titles based on the cover graphics.

Project Linking

With Project linking you can point customers interested in one project to other, linked projects. A typical example would be a series.

Sales Recommendations based on other Purchases

The store automatically generates sales recommendations based on previous customer behaviors and suggests these to the user.

Affiliate System

Lunel Media’s software includes a full featured Affiliate System which allows Affiliates to sign up as affiliate directly on your store and receive banners for promoting your store. We can manage everything and Lunel Media can optionally even handle the commission payments for you.

Group E-Mailing

With Lunel Media’s software you can send personalised E-Mailings to your customers or predefined groups. Sent emails are always accessible via a history function.

Search Engine Optimization

Lunel Media’s software includes full SEO (Search Engine Optimization) capabilities which not only allow individual, language targeted definition of meta tags such as description or keywords but also dynamically generates HTML and video sitemaps.

Content Sharing

You can share your content with other stores and sell content of others in your store.

New, Bestselling, Upcoming

The stores can automatically generate sections informing the user about new titles, bestselling titles and upcoming titles.


Multi-client Functionality

Lunel Media’s software supports special account type 3rd party and other services which can operate on behalf of their clients.

Group Distribution

Lunel Media’s software allows the content distribution based on group members. Each member of a group must be individually assigned to the group by the content owner.

Code-based Access / E-Copy / Digital Copy

Lunel Media’s software supports code based access to content, e.g. for Digital Copy / E-Copy scenarios.

Custom Branding of the Admin Interface

The Lunel Media’s software administration web interface can be branded with a custom logo and operated under a custom domain.

Customisable Player (extra costs associated with these options)

The FluxPlayer can be customised to meet customer naming/design ideas.

FluxPlayer for Windows, MacOSX, iOS and Android can be customised to meet corporate designs and use cases.

The following customisations can be made:

Graphics for start up screen
Placement in App Store under your own name (iOS and Android)
Custom start menu entry (Windows)
Custom executable / app name (All OS)
Custom icon (Alle OS)
Additional data in “About“ function (All OS, if available)
Custom color scheme (iOS/Android: color of title bars; All: color of play control elements)
Exclusive display of content of related shops (All OS)
Direct Link to related shop owner/shop (if available)

Usage Rights

FluxPlayer can be placed under custom name in App Stores. there is no usage limitation
FluxPlayer can be used for multiple shops/content owners

For further information/data sheets & or a live demonstration please contact

Examples of who may use our Web Shop Solution:

⇒ A Music and DVD website wants to offer their customers a digital and physical online shop solution. At present the site only has a physical product online store but they now what to also offer their customers a digital content solution.

⇒ A producer of training DVDs wants to sell their DVD content online for delivery to mobiles and tablets.

⇒ A production studio wants to distribute premium content for pre-theatrical content release. They require a method of encrypting the content for pre-distribution and permitting playback using separate paid-for license keys.

⇒ A book and magazine publisher replaces cover mounted DVDs with download codes and cloud delivery for digital content.

⇒ A film company releases a Triple Play retail package featuring DVD, Blu-ray and Digital Copy.⇒ A pharmaceutical services company wants to protect and deliver their drug database online.⇒ A software company creates trial versions of their latest release, available for download and network implementation.

⇒ A games software company wishes to copy protect their software on DVD-ROM.

⇒ An engineering company protects statutory safety materials as .pdfs on DVD.

⇒ Along with many other industries that have a requirement to rent, sell or make content available through a web portal + many other applications.

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