Digital Distribution of Content from Lunel Media

By David Watson on November 4, 2013

What if – 

  • Your customers were able to access your products 24/7?
  • Your customers could buy your products anywhere in the world?
  • Your production & distribution costs were significantly reduced?

What if you could offer Digital Distribution of Content from your own secure and branded web store?

At Lunel Media we are proud of the products and services we offer our customers. We have years of experience in providing quality solutions to the entertainment, literature and music industries and have worked with numerous content owners across all industries.

Although many of our customers are using the traditional methods of delivery, CD/DVD and printed collateral, we have noticed an increase in the number of organisations that see the advantage of providing digital downloads.

Digital distribution of Content from your own branded web store, allow your customers to order and receive their purchases whenever they want. The need to manufacture media along with print and packaging is removed and so manufacturing costs are reduced to zero.

We aren’t alone in realising this. Matt Warman, Consumer Technology Editor of The Telegraph, wrote in the article CD and DVD sales plunge as downloads surge to £1billion, that “The Entertainment Retailers Association said that a quarter of the entertainment market is now digital.” That’s a significant share. He goes on to quote Jim Killock, Executive Director of the Open Rights Group, who says “Better digital services are helping to boost the fortunes of cultural businesses online.”

At Lunel Media we are dedicated to providing the frameworks that provide convenience for both sellers and consumers in a manner that ensures digital services are of the highest quality.

Yes we provide physical solutions; Duplication, Replication, Printing and Packaging as there is no doubt that a large group of people are still drawn to a physical product. But recognising the trends we also provide a robust, customisable, branded and secure solution for those who have embraced the digital age Digital Web Store Solutions

For less than the cost of a 1,000 fully packed & printed DVD’s any organisation can have their own online presence allowing the sale or rent of DVDs, CD’s, movies, films, music, audio books, eBooks, software or any other interactive content through your own fully secure and customised web store.

We offer a solution that supports:-

  • Practically every form of content
  • Direct access without having to wait for the download
  • DRM protection
  • Customisable web store design
  • Multi-language support & payment gateways
  • Trailers and preview
  • Set your own product pricing
  • Manage bundles

For a typical set-up charge of only €850.00 along with a fixed download transaction fee per purchase plus a monthly management fee of €150.00 you’ll have all of the above and more. These costs are based on using one of our store templates with no more than 10 titles along with an established payment gateway solution.

Contact us now at to discuss how we can support your digital business.