Audio CD Mastering

Audio CD Mastering incl. ISRC code & CD text, Barcodes & Enhanced CD

Audio CD mastering incl. ISRC code & CD text

If you are producing a CD/DVD or Blu-Ray and you need to know about all the extra bits that we can do to help you get the most from your release please read below.
Our services go far beyond printing and duplicating discs. We have a range of pre-release services to help you get the most from your CD/DVD/Blu-Ray disc. We can even supply you with t-shirts and other merchandise to sell alongside your discs.

Take a look at all these extra features that you can have to compliment your disc for Audio CD Mastering:

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International Standard Recording Code (ISRC)

logo_isrcProvides the means to automatically identify recordings for royalty payments. If your tracks have already been assigned ISRC codes, we can embed them into your master disc. We can also generate the codes here if you need us to.

CD Text

CD-Audio_TextLike Gracenote, is a way for CD players to obtain track names.Rather than an external database, the information is stored on a tiny portion of the disc. This is often used on car stereos.


barcodeAre essential if your discs will be sold in a retail environment. We will create and register your barcode with GS1 UK (the administrators of UK retail barcodes) and add them to your artwork for you.

Enhanced CD

Enhanced CDAn Enhanced CD (aka CD plus or CD Extra) is divided into two parts, one containing audio and the other data. You can use this extra functionality to include photos, video clips, lyrics or web links on your disc.

USB Storage

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